Gunki Bull Frog Pike Lure Pack of 2 Free Postage

Size: 10cm
Colour: Ghost Stripe Frog
Sale price£8.49


Whether fished in open water mounted on a classic jig head, through underwater weedbeds with a Texan hook or on a stinger get ready to be surprised by the power of seduction of the Gunki Bull Frog!

With its massive body that displaces maximum water, oversized eyes, and twin tails that vibrate at the slightest touch while ensuring great stability, any self respecting pike won't let the Gunki Bull Frog pass without attacking! The belly of the lure is cut by streaks to trap air or can be filled with attractant but above all this ensures collapses to expose the hook when a pike strikes. A little tip, when fishing the Gunki Bull Frog without additional weight generously fill this belly with attractant to ensure stability and alter the weight to change its speed of descent. Finished with a few strands of tinsel to enhance attraction of the lure there is no chance of the Gunki Bull Frog going unnoticed when skipped along the pads of a patch of water lilies. The new 2023 Bull Frog also comes with added Aniseed flavour for ultimate attraction.

Recommended Hook: #4/0 Texan Wide Gape.


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