Gunki Mama Bull Frog Pike Lure Free Postage

Size: 17cm
Colour: Fire Frog
Sale price£9.99


The Gunki Mama Bull Frog is rightly famed for targeting pike in the margins and over weed beds particularly in spring when the fish focus on frogs and toads. For the specimen hunters we have developed a new 17cm (tail folded) size! The Gunki Mama Bull Frog is a big target bait that can swim at any speed. Gunki have increased the thickness at the base of the legs to magnify vibrations and the gliding effect of the lure as it drops. Try long pauses on your retrieve to let the lure fall enticingly in front of any following big fish. The double grub tail and big body shifts plenty of water, working alongside the pulsing legs to create a remarkably seductive action in the water. The Gunki Mama Bull Frog displaces a lot of water, stands out distinctively in the water layer and gives a clear message to any predators that it is a prey worth checking out! These details will help draw specimen fish to your lure and get more positive takes. The new 2023 Bull Frog also comes with added Aniseed flavour for ultimate attraction.


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