Mepps Aglia Streamer Spinner/Lure Size 2-3 Gold Silver Pike Perch Trout

Size: Size 3 6.8g
Colour: Gold
Sale price£7.99


The Mepps streamers are a real classic when it comes to catching big fish with spinners. These lures combine the very subtle swimming action of a streamer fly, specially tied for the art of spinning and the vibrating action, the flash of an Aglia. The Streamer is tied on a flexible axle with a front single hook and a trailer treble hook. Its body is composed of long fibres showing more than 10 colors with the target signals : eyes, gillrakes, lateral lines, micro-flashes. Perch love them, Pike love them, Chub and Trout love em, in fact anything that swims loves them.

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