Savage Gear 3D Bat Surface Lure

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Savage Gear 3D Bat

If you’re looking for something a little bit different for your pike and predator fishing, something that leads to topwater attacks that get the heart pounding, the pulse racing and the muscles working, Then the double award-winning Savage Gear 3D Bat from Lure fanatics could be the lure for you. Based on a 3D scan of an actual bat, it is one of the most detailed and realistic crawlers ever made. With an exceptional crawling action and distinctive plopping sound thanks to its metal wings, the Savage Gear 3D Bat will call in predator fish from far and wide, no matter what the features of your swim.

Savage gear are renowned for the realism of its lures and describes its fishing tackle as the ultimate fishing gear for the ultimate predatory fish’. Savage gear products are developed by a team of anglers spread across the world that look to catch the largest predatory fish going. It says its aim is for the angler to totally dominate any body of water and that, to achieve this goal, it looks to break bounderies in its development of lures, which is why Savage Gear lures are among the most reliable and lifelike jointed baits money can buy. The company prides itself on listening to feedback from its customers and is fuelled by a passion for lure fishing, which is why Brand Manager and lure fishing legend Mads Grosell says it is “on a mission to keep raising the bar”.

The Savage Gear 3D Bat utilises cutting-edge 3D technology to create a first of its kind - a three-dimensional, hard-bodied, surface-walking bait designed to attract reaction hunters such as bass, muskie and, of course, pike by creating a presence and causing commotion on or near the surface of the water. Because the bat is based on a 3D scan of the real thing, it offers detail that few other crawling-style topwater baits can rival.

It’s available in three sizes, so you can use it in any situation no matter what the time of season. The smallest size is just 7.5cm long and weighs only 14g, the middle size is 10cm long and weighs in at 28g and the ‘adult’ is 12.5cm long and comes in at 55g. All three sizes are available in albino, black, brown and grey. These options mean you can choose the bat that best suits you, matching the colour and size to that of the food the fish you’re targeting are eating at that time.

The wings of the larger bat are made from stainless steel and the wings of the smaller two sizes from aluminium, while the body of all three models is constructed from hard acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) to ensure they aren’t damaged when predators attack. The wings give the bat a side-to-side crawling action that perfectly mimics a bat, small bird or any other small terrestrial animal that has accidentally fallen into the water, triggering reaction strikes, while its frantic, noisy action and built-in high-pitched rattle attracts predators from distance.

Created by demand from Savage Gear customers for a bat or bird crawler, the amazing wake and bubble trail the Savage Gear 3D Bat produces on the surface, combined with its super-realistic design and ultra-sharp Savage Gear Y-treble hooks, which produce extra movement as well as enhancing hook-up rates, make it one of the most progressive and effective topwater fishing lures available. If you’re looking for a lure that inspires savage strikes from bass, pike, muskie and big catfish, and injects fun and excitement into your topwater fishing, you needn’t look much further than the Savage Gear 3D Bat, available now from Lure fanatics.

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