Spro Iris V Power Shad Soft Lure Perch Pike Zander

Size: 10cm 4g
Color: UV Shad
Sale price£1.59


Zander and Perch specialists know that no-action softbaits can be the key to success when it comes to passive predators. The subtle and gentle presentation of a true v-tail shad can trigger the senses of big and cautious predators when other softbaits are being ignored. To help you out in such situations Spro has designed and developed the Iris V-Power softbaits.

With its rounded body, oversized pectoral fins and extra flattened tail fin, the V-Power has a balanced and one of a kind sink rate. Rigged on a jig or dropshot rig this softbait has a slow motion sink rate and a very natural action. Combined with attractive colours and built in UV activators, this softbait could be the lure of choice in difficult situations.

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