Spro Round Jighead

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Size: Size 1/0
Weight: 18g
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THE jig head! Our waters dont contain many largemouth bass, or smallmouth, so we dont need hooks that are designed for them! If you are fishing for perch pike or zander and want a reliable sharp jighead then these are the ones.

Spro Round Jigheads are made with top quality Gamakatsu hooks, sharp and reliable and are fitted with a single wire keeper to minimise damage and hold the lure in place. These Spro jig heads are quality and not to be confused with cheaper alternatives. Order online now from Lure fanatics and get them as soon as tomorrow.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet:

  • Made with top quality Gamakatsu hooks
  • Fitted with a single wire keeper
  • Minimise damage
  • Holds the lure in place
  • Offer real value for money

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