Spro Scent Series Insta Claw Floating

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Color: Frozen Margaritha
Size: 8cm 4.9g
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Spro Scent Series featuring custom made lures, designed for a wide range of effective lure fishing techniques. Superb for Carolina, Texas, and Dropshot rig, or Jigging from bank and boat. All Scent Series softbaits are made from environmental friendly material which is injected with our powerfull attractor, I.T.F “Instant Trigger Formula”, triggering even the most cautious of predators. This gives you extra seconds of advantage to set the hook successfully, as the fish holds the bait in its mouth a little longer.

Crawfish are often on the top of the menu for big Perch, Bass and Zander. The Spro Product Development team worked nearly 2 years on project “Insta Craw” to create the ultimate Crawfish imitation. It’s specially designed body features life like claws, moving tentacles and 6 small legs which are all vibrate nervously. The Insta Craw is made from floating material, which makes it outstanding for Carolina, Texas and Dropshot fishing. Boosted with our powerfull I.T.F “Instant Trigger Formula” these scented softbaits are simply irresistible. Made from environmental free material and available in natural crawfish color combinations.

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