Westin Curlteez Soft Lure Pack of 3 Free Postage

Option: 8.5cm Slime Curd x 3
Sale price£5.99


Think you have seen a curl tail on a soft plastic before? Well let us tell you, here at Lure fanatics towers we have never seen such a quality soft plastic, and it looks like the big pike here in the UK are in trouble. This lure is so easy to fish, its slow movement with the turn of a reel handle brings this thing to life. A great feature of this lure is that its been turned downward so it can be rigged weedless and fished right on the bottom without snagging up and kicking up silt and mud to attract big pike and zander from miles around.

With slots perfectly placed for multi rigging options it can fished dropshot style, texas, carolina rig or a simple jig head set up, no matter what you do with it, the curlteez is a big fish magnet, and a really clever innovative take on a standard curl tail lure. 

If we were going to pick an easy to fish lure that would almost guarantee us a pike then this would be it. 

  • Optimised Super Soft Flexibility
  • Realistic Eyes
  • Easy Action Curltail
  • Slim Body Design With Great Belly Flash
  • Slots In Back And Belly For Offset Rigging And Great Hook Penetration
  • Hand Painted Detailed Colours
  • Multi rigging options
  • Can be fished very very slow
  • Superb for big pike and zander

Pack of 3

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