The NED rig

A Midwest finesse style of fishing, also known as the 'Ned Rig' has been smashing it in the US, and thanks to a range of new floating soft plastics hitting the shelves at Lure Fanatics towers. Uk anglers are now putting this technique to work on our local species, such as perch and zander, especially on our canal network. 

This technique is so much more than a few zander and perch, wrasse anglers have been smashing the big ones using creature type floating baits.

A modification of techniques pioneered in the US by angling icons like Chuck Woods, Guido Hibdon, and Charlie Brewer, the Ned Rig was conceived and brought to mainstream attention by Ned Kehde, an avid angler and veteran fishing industry writer from Lawrence, Kansas. Hence the 'Ned Rig'. Kehde's small jighead and plastic combo may look unassuming on the surface, but its slow fall and darting action are astonishing, almost always eliciting strikes in even the toughest conditions.

This style of soft plastics fishing has now accounted for plenty of species all over the UK in both the fresh and salt water. It's particularly effective fished in areas of broken bottom features, such as amongst clear patches in weed beds.

If you haven't tried it already, have a look at Lure Fanatics great range of NED fishing products. 

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