Dont diss the shad!

Over the last year or so UK anglers have become obsessed with fishing stick type baits such as NED rigs. No doubt some great fish have been caught along the way but the humble Shad type bait is making a comeback (did it ever leave?). 

Recently a few of the best Lure Fanatics met up in Europe and decided to use their normal stick bait/NED rig tactics, it just didn't work! 

Studying locals they soon discovered that during the winter a more aggressive bait and retrieve worked wonders, so the NEDS went in the bin, so to speak. 

Small shads such as the Strike King rage swimmer and the ever reliable Savage gear cannibal shad on light jigheads (2-5g) were unleashed into the cold waters of Europe. 

Pretty soon the big perch were appearing on the measuring mat, the change was like night and day. No doubt these perch were on the feed, and searching out baits that would provide them with enough content to see the day or week out. 

Back home in England the NEDS were put in the cupboard for the next trip, and a shad only meet was arranged. 

The Lure Fanatics will keep you posted to how it went.